Feldenkrais® Institute of New York

134 W 26 St, 2 Floor (btw. 6 & 7 Av)
New York NY 10001

6:30-9:30 pm

$65 Registration: www.feldenkraisinstitute.com


November 20, 2019

During holidays we often feel discomfort, and become vulnerable to illness and stress. In this Feldenkrais workshop you will create new brain patterns, make direct connections throughout your body, and new possibilities in how you live. Improve breathing and overall function. Find easier, efficient movement for your whole body-mind-spirit. Workshop will employ engaging Awareness Through Movement lessons.


October 23, 2019

Learn about your current patterns of breathing, and discover new possibilities through gentle movement sequences and directed attention. Find greater flexibility, more openness and ease for your breath and freedom of your arms and movement. Enhance athleticism, endurance, and daily activities. Improve breathing and overall function. Find easier, efficient movement for your ribs, sternum, shoulder blades and spine. This is an experiential workshop. Everyone is welcome.


June 19, 2019

Many of us barely notice our lower abdominal and pelvic-floor muscles, let alone understand the important role they play in the body’s support system. Lack of awareness and muscular weakness make us more vulnerable to back, hip, and pelvic pain, incontinence; and balance, digestive and breathing problems.

The Feldenkrais exercises in this workshop will help you increase awareness of your pelvis in the context of various movements. As you develop the coordination of your pelvic and abdominal muscles with your whole body, they will begin to work better for you - in all your everyday activities, plus sports, dance or martial arts practice!


Apr 23, 2019

For centuries people have been seeking for paths toward easier movements and balance, deepening self-awareness and maintenance of health. Our senior  Feldenkrais practitioner Margot masterfully blends her knowledge of the  Feldenkrais Method and Qigong.

Please join Margot to personally discover how the two practices support one another. This workshop compliments last year’s “Qigong &  Feldenkrais for the Back & Spine” workshop.


Train your nervous system for optimal use of your core strength. This is an experiential workshop with engaging Awareness Through Movement® lessons. We all have habits of over-using parts of our body, and not using other parts - Find the muscular balance of your core that helps you move well and give you coordinated strength; Learn how to move with a dynamic center that better supports the work of your arms and hands, reducing stress or pain, and Facilitate your dreams and visions with less effort in your legs and feet.

FEET FIRST - Improve Your Balance June 27, 2018

Your feet are a long way from the brain that controls them. Some of the nerves that connect to the proprioceptive neural receptors in your joints are a yard or two long. We will clarify many aspects of each foot, and the connections of feet to the rest of you to support all of you better, and to enhance your balance. Improve many aspects of existence – how you walk or dance, standing, working and computing, feeling grounded, and perhaps even decision-making.


Apr 11, 2018

Being balanced, or in balance can be defined physically, emotionally, cognitively or, as a combination of all of those things. In this workshop you will explore yourself in a variety of orientations, and learn strategies to improve your overall sense of balance. As you discover a deeper connection to your self, your ability to restore all aspects of equilibrium will grow. Improve balance and improve life! Bring your curiosity.

“After months of illness, I had a session with Margot for balance – so I could stand and move around better. The session was more than I hoped for – with very small movements and very light touch, there was a lot of internal shifting, clearing, as well as whole body alignment.”


for the Back and Spine        Feb 21

Experience the complement of gentle exercises from ancient wisdom and the modern Feldenkrais Method cannon. Like Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) lessons, Qigong offers a path toward easier movement and balance, deepening self-knowledge, and maintenance of health. We will learn from parallel aspects of Qigong exercises in standing (or sitting if necessary) and ATM lessons lying on the floor. Feldenkrais helps improve the Qigong movements and your ability to sense yourself; Qigong informs the Feldenkrais lessons with fluidity and connectedness.