Agility for Everybody Workshop

Increase Your Agility, Comfort and Grace

Learn new ways of moving to be more agile, flexible or fluid from head to toe. Reduce strain caused by driving or using a computer. Improve your sport, yoga or dance, breathe easier and feel younger through this Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® Workshop. Benefits include improved flexibility, balance and posture, and reduced pain.

Without realizing it, people damage the body by using brute force in actions and pushing through pain. Misuse, accidents, injury and internal illness result in stress, fatigue, imbalance and chronic pain. A consequent feeling of being stuck can limit one further. You have the ability to direct your own improvement and Margot teaches you how. The simple movement sequences of the Feldenkrais Method teach you how to move more efficiently, creating new neurological pathways, and new habits that reduce limitations.

Experience is not required. Learn NEW movements each workshop, throughout the year! Take the full series of four to develop expanded movement and ease, and receive $25 off an individual lesson with Margot.

Current Workshop Series

Sept 27, Oct 25, Nov 15, Dec 20

Time: Sundays 11:00 am-1:00 pm

Cost: $90 for series of four (includes $25 off a private lesson);           $25 per workshop pre-paid,  $40 at the door.

Location: P.O.S.T. Wellness by Design 224  Weller Street,                      Petaluma 94952 (NE of the D St. draw bridge)

Register: call Margot (707) 292-1147 or email