About Margot Schaal


MARGOT SCHAAL, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner (cm),  graduated from the Marin II Feldenkrais® Professional Training Program in 2003 and is also a Certified Assistant Trainer of the Feldenkrais Method®. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and is a Reiki Master and Qigong teacher.

Margot has practiced Feldenkrais in the US and Rwanda, teaching all ages, trades people, professionals, performing artists, athletes, seniors and disabled people. Guided by her gentle and supportive approach, her clients learn how to address issues related to stroke and other neurological conditions, accidents and orthopedic challenges, chronic pain and anxiety. She helps clients increase flexibility, balance, physical performance, and to enjoy their health and life more fully.

Margot is a practitioner at the Feldenkrais Institute of New York (PT&F NYC), offering daily Functional Integration® sessions. She teaches Awareness Through Movement ® classes, workshops and retreats to bring forth the deeper levels of the Feldenkrais Method that engage each client’s inner teacher. Her movement background includes martial arts, dance, playing violin, and sports for pleasure.


"I had constant back pain from years of lifting and caring for my disabled husband. After working with Margot the back pain is gone, I feel younger and have the inspiration to revive my work." - Victoria, Writer

"Working with Margot is a real privilege!  It has been a year since I started Feldenkrais and I still find each class amazing. I did not anticipate what a positive impact the lessons have had on my dancing  - physically and emotionally. After experiencing Margot’s Feldenkrais lessons – dance corrections that I have been given over the years, suddenly, make sense!" -Jenny Church, Asst. Bank Manager/ AVP

"Margot has a gift for clearness – and she helped me overcome arm and shoulder pain, reclaim use of my hand and get back on my bicycle." -Jean, Physician

"After neck surgery, and five fused vertebrae, I was told my range of motion would be very limited the rest of my life. Working with Margot, I’ve learned that my head and neck can move A LOT and my world has gotten much bigger!" -Anna, 29

"I hadn’t been out of my house for three months for fear of injury. I have myalgia and persistent pain. I don’t allow anyone to touch me – no bodywork because it makes me vomit for the next three days. After my lesson with Margot I felt better than I had in a long time. I had more vitality and energy and comfort." -Lynda

"I ran in marathons for many years, was a power athlete, but my exercise has been severely restricted since an accident. Feldenkrais not only opens up my body, it opens my mind as well, and my work as a teacher! I am able to think and do so many different things." -Karen, Teacher

"Since heart surgery my chest has felt very heavy and my scarred left lung has limited capacity. After the first lesson with Margot my breathing was more even in both lungs. It feels very good and lighter." -Robert

"I’m a body-worker. I have had a couple of accidents that cause my sacro-illiac to go out of joint. Feldenkrais with Margot relaxed my back, opened my pelvis and made my movement more fluid. After the lesson I felt lighter, taller and like in a meditation state. My walk is much smoother, not jerky like it usually is… I feel big. My shoulders released, like a baby bird’s wings held tight, then released to fly." -Heather, Masseuse

"After 50 years of frosting cakes in my bakery, and four-way heart by pass surgery, I stood and walked bent over – looking at the ground. I felt frail and had muscular pain in my back. After the first lesson with Margot I no longer had to force myself to stand upright. After a series of lessons my back was straight; now I walk upright and am stable on my legs and feet. You made me a new man!" -George, Retired Baker

"I came to Margot for Feldenkrais because I wanted to be limber. Margot got rid of my sciatica, my knee doesn’t collapse under me now and the low back pain is infrequent." -Corinthe

"I’ve had pain under my shoulder blade for 30 years. After the lesson it was all soft there. Also the pain down my arm was gone. And I feel strong support from my pelvis down. I was taller and had to adjust the mirror in my car!" -Lisa, Nurse

"After the lesson I am more balanced and grounded and less guarded, less anxious or nervous. I have a sense of well-being throughout myself." -Pam, Administrator