Functional Integration®

"After many years of Korean martial arts practice with other women, I had knee problems that also affected my lower back. After one session with Margot I danced for the first time in years." -AK

"I'm transitioning into retirement and wanted to be more flexible. Through a series of lessons with Margot, I feel better than I have for a long time. More of my body is supporting me now, my walk feels fluid and I have never felt my pelvis move so freely. In spite of the changes and uncertainty in my life, my walk is more natural and I'm moving with a sense of purpose." -RT

Private Feldenkrais® lessons, called Functional Integration, address your individual needs or interests. The student may stand, walk, sit down or lie on a table as Margot uses gentle, non-invasive touch and movement to retrain the nervous system, creating new physical and mental habits. The student learns to integrate new patterns, improving muscular-skeletal organization and posture. By learning to move more naturally with less effort, pain is reduced or eliminated, the breath is mobilized and balance and performance are enhanced. Students increase coordination, range of motion, mental function, and lengthen the spine. Margot recommends a series of weekly lessons for optimal benefit.